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Moon Circle Teachings
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  • Mother Earth Holds Vision of New Life
  • Mother of the World
  • Moon Mother Emerges
  • Spring
  • The Circle of Life
  • The Summer Ceremony
  • The Grandfather Macaw
  • Beloved Woman
  • Peyote Water Drum
  • Web of Life
  • 13 Moon - The Blue Dream Is Completed
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Moon Circle Artwork is now available in Minisa's "The Thirteen Moons" Adult Coloring Book.
''Moon Circle Teachings: A Guide to Traditional Women's Ways'
...a current work underway by Minisa Crumbo Halsey
"She emerges from the Dream of Creation bringing forth a corn plant, sacred symbol of life-giving forces. The Give-away from the plant people that we may know life as human beings."
In Minisa Crumbo's current work in progress she shares traditional wisdom - to share a Way, created through the "Moon Circle Teachings" and Vision Quest, for women to access their personal and biological power. The book is planned for publishing in 2015.
Taos Mountains
Taos Moutains - where excerpts were written
The Last 21 Days Before Winter,
part 1...
The mountains are growing larger. The lens of the autumn sky seems to refract, elevate and magnify the Sangre de Cristo mountains as the Rocky Range finally plays out between the high great plains to the east and to the west, the northern most finger into the New Mexico Sonoran Desert sticks a beautiful, bony finger as far as La Bajada Hill, south of Santa Fe.

The autumn season of the western introspection time is drawing a brilliantly colored veil of illusion and crisp fact, crusted with blowzy finishes and a scent of the unexpected and unknown.
Dear Grandmother,

The teaching that came forth Tuesday has rocked my world.  You mentioned I should take notes and I am.  The new instruction for the Medicine Wheel and White Plain has been incredible.  

The "letting in" experiences have been remarkable.  Very powerful indeed, but positive and healthy.  Visually setting barriers to only allow the love in has been extremely empowering and it is if the negativity just gets whisked away.

I'm also using the teaching to help clear brain chatter-much of which has been stored for decades.  This has been a painless process.  I can shut my eyes and visualize the negative memories leaving the brain and entering the White Plain...PAINLESSLY.  

I then ask Creator to fill the cleared spaces with love.  

Ever since you brought forward the teaching, I have felt such freedom and I feel lighter.

Another interesting point is the teaching is almost omnipresent.  I don't struggle to remember it.  It is coming forward without prompting myself to think about it.  

There is so much more I could say, but you know what is happening already.  I wanted to just hit some of the high points.

Blessings, BG
Something completely unexpected at a critical seasonal juncture... the in-exact fortunes of all other things and beings besides those who would seek to plan, organize, understand and control as much as possible, brings the sense of a wild and possibly unruly finish to the season and perhaps presages more of the same as weather faces are exposed in our moment, but out of their along snaking journeys on high wind rivers.

Old water washed boulders tumble and soil breaks loose making mud flows in the flash floods of late fall rains and any kind of cloud from summer cirrus to thunder heads to spacey snow scouts can be seen.

balance-imbalance..the walk and dance of duality produces movement and time

The predictable power of planned, focused and goal activity can produce, seat and hold stable concepts and provide platforms for measured growths of every kind. The given and structured
Dawn Woman @MinisaHalsey
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